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Doc posted 21st of January 2009 in Community Voice. 0 comments.

At the request of my guildies, I've added the Powered by Wowhead.com javascript link to the system. 


Here's all you have to do...

go into the template that you want to use, and find the _header.html file.


Just copy and paste the javascript that wowhead gives you, and put it in that file, probably near the top.  That will ensure that every page in your project will have the javascript popup for any of the links that point back to wowhead.com. 


Eventually, i'd like to create some sort of custom bbcode that i can use inside of tinymce that will allow me to just click a button, insert the item code, and it generates something that looks nicer.


If anyone has any suggestions on that.. would appreciate where to start looking.



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