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Doc posted 27th of January 2009 in Community Voice. 0 comments.

Something about deux which adds a comical punch to it.. Actually, i lampoon anything thats a sequal, so, in an odd sort of way.. this is my tribute to Hot Shots the movie.


But more so, lets talk about how i'm using the wowhead integration.  The hardest thing about integrating stuff from the game and stuff from wow, is that there is no real way to move stuff from the game, to the net. 


This is my first attempt at writing a wow addin.  Basically, it goes thru all of the items in your tradeskill list, does some really kewl hocus pocus in the background, and spits out the html to a window for you to see.. in this case, it's nothing but static html for you to copy and paste into the html source of TinyMCE.  (Example here:  http://new.forceofvigilance.com/new/groups/orca/topic/-N-.htm)  thats what i can make currently as a tailor.


The plus part of this is that i can actually go in there and search for specific items, or someone from our guild (500 members strong) can go there and look for an enchant/etc and get a mats list.  Reallly, trying to get all the crafters together to get some of this stuff done, is a pain in the ass... but this is how i chose to tackle it.


One of the drawbacks tho... I found.. was with Tiny MCE.. apparently you can't have an apostrophe in the stock version.. or a dash or a semi colon.  Not sure why this is, but it really sucks when you're trying to post stuff.  I mean, instead of causing an error to occur, why not just filter it out.. change it with a different char... OOOOOOOR change it to it's html equiv.. like space is &nbsp, an apostrophe is &039 or something like that.. very unobjectionalble, if you ask me.    I was also limited to 64000 chars.. which, should be enough, but i had to cut out alot of the formatting that i wanted to use for them..

I'll find a way around it eventually.. .


Anyways, till next time..
(BTW.. i'll make the mod available to people who ask me for it.. just know that I'm not supporting it, the compatibility may change at any time to a different text editor, and i will only answer questions, once every 3 days or when i'm trying to escape work by hanging out in forums.)


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