Scoop 1: Be More Tax Efficient

Andrew Boon posted 5th of December 2010 in Boonex News. 0 comments.

This is the first post in "Scoop" series, which we plan to publish regularly. The idea is to share some of the news and observations that make sense (or should make sense) to Unity Members. Basically, we monitor our market a lot and often come across really interesting bits, discuss them internally, but every now and then they are worth sharing with you, guys. So, here we go.


The first scoop comes courtesy Mark Brooks (Online Personals Watch). Mark is perhaps THE most knowledgeable guy in online dating and social networking arena and his blogs are always a good read. He is also running a boutique consulting company.


Be More Tax Efficient - Rob Bossart, Tax Advisor

Mark interviewed a professional tax advisor, stressing attention on "online dating". Just one the questions reads "So what general strategy would you recommend for dating sites that do business in the USA?"

Might be a good kick off read for anyone who's making money from their sites and needs to figure out taxation part of it.


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