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markdrabble posted 21st of January 2011 in Community Voice. 0 comments.

Having listened to friends moan about a site we use, I decided enough was enough and do something about it.... so I decided to set my own site up.


Knowing very little about php programming, I looked around at the different "solution" out there and was impressed by the dolphin promo video..... being able to add thing, change things on the fly and all without the need to know programming seemed ideal.


My site is now live(ish) I have some friends using/test it and together we are moulding the site into one we hope will be a great site or at the very least, one that people will want to use.....


I have posted question on the forums and people have been very helpful!!


For hosting.... I opted for a shared host.. mainly because it was cheap and until I know if the site is going to be a success I didnt want to pay out lots of money... especially as I am about to be made redundant!


There will some mods I definitely need/want to buy and there are some tweaks I want doing...  so either I learn some more php programming... or I ask for help..... which so far has been great


Only time will tell how I get on.....

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