points system for dolphin users

hdavy2002 posted 26th of April 2008 in Community Voice. 0 comments.
I would like to know, if there is any script that can do "Point System"

What i mean is:

1) When a user registers, he gets basic access to certian areas.

2) He/she likes someone and wants to get the address.

3) User buys subcription for 5 $ to access certian restricted areas like video chat, contacts, telephone, etc.

That is one senerio above.

If possible, could this be possible on dolphin.

1) User buy 1000 points worth 5 $

2) User wants to send a virtual flower, then his 10 points get deducted.

3) User wants to send a kiss, then 2 points are deducted.

4) user wants to meet in audio/video chat and he sends a request, his 5 points gets deducted.

I mean for various things a user request on another users page, some points get deducted.

I would like to know, which of the above senerios is possible on dolphin.

Thanks community for this great software.
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