Workload, yeah!

Mike posted 25th of January 2010 in . 0 comments.

With the new Dolphin release, new Unity and so on, a recent blog brought some attention to the usual deluge of mails reflecting new interest, installation and upgrade requests, support issues and you can guess the rest. All those sites that were hovering in holding patterns awaiting release of the new script are all trying to get landing clearance at the same time. All agents are indeed very busy.

This always happens and is not unexpected, but this time it seems a bit more unrelenting. Loyal customers, other experts and friends I usually visit with often don't hear from me for days at a stretch, while I try to field all kinds of requests for help and attempt to point people going in the right direction. This usually abates after a certain period, but it takes concentration, hard work and especially patience - on everyone's part. Shortcuts that we can use without having clarity and understanding compromised are employed, as well as a measure of just ignoring everything that doesn't help to get mails answered. I'm sure it is the same for the other agents, too.

I noticed some good thoughts while reading and agree with a lot of what I did see. Food for another, later blog perhaps, but keep up the thinking out there. That's where some great answers are going to come from, all of you working up a solution to relieve the load and make things better for everyone.

In the meantime, we'll keep grinding away here, and this too shall pass! Perhaps after THIS time we can be more ready for NEXT time. Ok - back to the mails...

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