A Study on other CMS

tomakali posted 7th of May 2011 in Community Voice. 0 comments.

For many long years, im so much impressed by few CMS.

Which has the most complex operations done in simplest way

and the features offered are exhaustive but clean and simple...


Cost of the softwares are not taken into account.
The way the CMS is built does matter.
As you see all the cms are built as barebone structural site builder
all the features are built on top of it.
Even with this when Dolphin is compared to any of the cms below
Dolphin has got a different perspective to be a Community Management System
Dolphin cms is a real good cms but somewhere it lacks many features which are critically important to be a part of cms.
if there would be some interesting features in the listed cms or anyother better cms that should be included in R&D of future Dolphins


1.Bitrix CMS


2.Vivvo CMS

3.Amaxus CMS



The comparison is just to bring out some ideas which are real fruits of other cms to our developers attention.

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