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tomakali posted 23rd of September 2013 in Community Voice. 0 comments.

The Motive is the key differentiation factor for any community website. Even though a webmaster determines the genre of the website in the end its just comes to one factor "Connected Communication"

This is a pretty big factor for the webmaster.

We try to push all the available "connected communication" modules to the users. There are diverse people who are using it. for a chatty type of user no matter how any times you instruct them they still will ask queries in chat rooms. because its their preferred way of communication.

so no matter what webmaster likes there should be a way for using right kind of apps for the users selected by the users.

Boonex market has tons of apps/modules

it would be nice if atleast the mobile apps are downloaded as containers and let the user download the available apps in market according to their preference [Eg; facebook apps, BBApps]

so, will be used by different genre of users by different uses of their purpose

content will be delivered by the cms in different channels/modules

Thus, the webmasters will have few priorities [like, how to make the website more functional and add more functional modules to it]

users will have a lot of choice of apps they can download their own apps according to the interest [video app, music app, chat room app, events app etc]


Hope Boonex gets into apps business sooner than later...

apps are more vital than the mods in a community website

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