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zenbuddha77 posted 10th of January 2013 in Community Voice. 0 comments.

I remember ages ago. Well at least it seems that way when Boonex first got off the ground. Over 5 maybe 6 years ago. They had no "free licenses" back then. Seems like I remember paying $100 or so for one and another $100 for modules because there were not many at the time which were free. And more money for instillations. But the closest thing I found to anything even REMOTELY like the Dolphin script back then was in excess of $800. Now ANYONE who is so inclined can start a community with a free license from Boonex to get their feet wet and move on from there. There are more and better tutorials online than ever before written by all sorts of community members and people writing module scripts for the cost of just telling them, "Thank you.". It was a roller coaster ride throughout that time with everyone of us taking a turn at going up and sometimes down but the ride has been more than worth it for those of us who have made it this far.


But the thing that still strikes me as just a bit funny but gives me more than a sense of awe in a world where some people work night and day on making WMD is that some people can write code with an estimated time for it to go public a full year or more before it is done. And give the final version away to be used by anyone without asking for a dime. Of course as far as when Dolphin 8 will be done that reminds me of what Michaelangelo said to the Pope of his time who keep asking him when the painting of all those nudes on the Sistine Chapel would be done. Michaelangelo's answer for 4 years? "It will be done when it is done!"


Impatiently yours, Boonex,

His Holiness Zen ;-)


Relax, Have a brewski occasionally and take your time! I am sure Number going to be assume!

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