Do we need a module to upload/embed ppt/pdf/other documents ?

saurav121 posted 26th of October 2011 in Community Voice. 0 comments.

I know there is a FILES module to share files but is there any module where we can

- Embed ppt/pdf/other documents frm other sites (scribs, slideshare etc) on our site?

- Upload and play the slides of documents on our site... and everything we do in photo/video modules

Or any method to edit the existing FILES module to be able to embed documents?

Main thing is that one shud be able to upload and play the document on their own sites, because once u direct ur user to other sites, they'll start searching and downloading frm there only.

ps- what else do i need to write to complete quota of 100 characters?

pss- i tried to embed a file but couldn't. 

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