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Hey everyone...ok so I came across this really cool feature that allows you to display a slideshow / or just snapshot of your INSTAGRAM newsfeed.


Please read entire post before trying to do yourself and viewing any of the links...


Ok well heres the link for the Widget Generator :


It'll ask you to add your username or hashtag...if you're trying to promote a specific instagram page, make sure to just enter username @ name the size should be the appx. size of the " Page BLock " size you have on your size...for example..on my Homepage : , my right column is roughly a little larger than 300px, so in the widget generator i made the size to be 300px


Ok now copy that code, and go to your Page Builder...find the Specific page youd like the widget to be and add a new HTML block in that area...refresh page and open the HTML block...Change name to somethin unique ,, ( because youre going to have to find this in your phpmyadmin a little later...


Ok now PASTE the code into the content area and press Submit / Save....



Now go to your cPanel..( If You dont know what this might be a little confusing, but not really im going to explain as best as I can...) scroll down to  access the area PHPmyAdmin...


now on the left ( if applicable ) youll see a list of things...for example:


Click the one that your site is built on...if you don't know, I dont suggest you mess around any further and just ask for assistance..but anyway it should be the one with the Most tables in it considering thats the one the site is built on...


Ok now scroll down and find :


1 )     sys_page_compose and click to open


2) now look for the " >> " arrow / button

this will bring you to the last page....


3) look for the table / item that has the Unique title block i told you to make a little earlier...


4) open by pressing the pencil edit button


5)  scroll down till about the 9th row where the section " CONTENT " would be...even if something is there already, just erase it and paste the SNAPWIDGET code here...scroll down a lil more a press GO

The reason you MUST do these steps is the way Dolphin is designed..its a very sensitive creature lol

But seriously you have to do it this way, because it formats the block properly the way it should be done to be viewed.

Now that those steps are taken...go to your Dolphin Admin Dashboard and CLEAR CACHE

Now go to Site HOME and the block should be there and functioning properly..

If you need help, id be happy to assist message me and ill try and get back to you ASAP

Good Luck !!

P.S. for more widgets, 3rd Party iframes / etc...these steps must be taken so always refer back to this for suggestions or just hit me up

John Joseph

Splurgin Inc.




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