Since 2007... :-)

Diddy posted 1st of February 2013 in Community Voice. 0 comments.

Since 2007 many years have past and I have to say that BoonEx Unity is a outstanding unity and a great sample of a cool cause :-)

Yep I'm a unity member since 2007 and I love it all. I work on my sites as a hobby since then and had lots of up and downs during those years.

I would like to give a real thank you to the entire BoonEx Team and all folks around the Unity :-)

Here is a "almost" complete list of my Dolphin Developments and I love it :-)

I love all I do and I do it for a cause, this cause is peace, love & understanding. Trust & Respect comes within :-)

Thank you all :-)


Feel free to say something nice :-)

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