Step by Step tutorials working with Dolphin

martinboi posted 7th of February 2013 in Community Voice. 0 comments.

I have started putting together very detailed tutorials about the different elements of Dolphin mostly just so I can keep track of exactly how some of the core systems work.  It was getting old having to trace code around through classes over and over trying to remember how something was being generated.  

Since D7.1 was released, it's been really fun working with Dolphin.  The code has really matured and there many things built in that save alot of time in development, but only if you use them properly, and they're not really documented anywhere.   So I am unpacking different sections of the system and documenting them as hands on lessons with examples at  

Check them out and hopefully they'll help clear up some fog. 

If there's something specific you want to learn about, or if you want to write something, just send a message here or there and I'll try to put something together. 




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