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I posted a question

Tags default


On my index page, my tags are defaulted to show profile tags first.  I would like to change this.  I want my tags defaulted to show events tags first on my index page.  How do I change my tags default order?


The answer I was told was not what I was looking for so I did some exploring.

Its very easy in fact.

dolphin 7.0.6

go to phpmyadmin

scroll to



when you click on it, you will see the ID number order in which the tag type will show up on your index page.

Note: You can't change the order by changing the ID # if that ID # already exists.


If you want to make events the defailt tag type on the index page, you have to change the ID of profiles ID from 1  to 8 then the number 1 ID spot is open.  Then you can change event ID from 7 to 1 and then change profiles ID to 7

I hope this helped someone out there




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