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martinboi posted 25th of January 2012 in Community Voice. 0 comments.

We have spent alot of time over the last few weeks planning development and re-working some of our modules based on user input, and we plan on continuing to do so.   There are a few modules we're building that we think the Boonex community will really enjoy.  But in the meantime we have sort of dropped the ball with our customers in the support department and not because of carelessness, but because of the volumn of support requests. 

So to help us handle your issues and keep your sites running smoothly, we have setup a support desk where all future product support for Martinboi / Harvest Media products will be channelled.  


To any of our customers who feel like support was lacking in any way, we apologize and this is our way of showing our appreciation for your business.

Please visit our Support Desk for support.



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