Weak Member management tool in D7

tomakali posted 18th of October 2011 in Community Voice. 0 comments.

I would like to highlight one of my day to day headache - Member management.


when i send mass mail to members...

i get 100s of failed delivery reports...

There is no ban option for specific domains.


fb signup doesnt capture email ids,

also when user signup with valid email id and later when they change their email id there is no procedural change of valid email ids.

- validate new email id

- remove old email id is the right way of authenticating i guess.

because of this small mistake there are huge spammers comming in. like below...

he signs up with valid email id and then changed his email id to spam.


another DUMB tool in admin is SMTP Mailer...

it just sends emails perfectly...

No reports of delivery, no reports on notifications etc



similarly there are lots of improvements required for this cms very few are posted in trac and 75% are moved to ideas and dreams and left to rot...

the perspective of Dolphin cms changes on every release which is radically different from previous versions.

D6 was becoming an awesome product and suddenly it was stabbed to death by declaring D7 is the future...

the same trend is still happening... meaning there is never going to be a matured product of cms.

there are lot of things to be learnt from professionals like Joomla!



Boonex, please invest you time more on smartifying the cms than ridiculously playing with UI in admin. i personally

dont care about the quality of the UI in admin section.[Just my view, no offence]

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