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     1== Upgrade Instructions from 6.1.3 to 6.1.4 == 
     3'''Step 0''': Back up your ''orca'' and ''groups/orca'' folders. They will be changed by the patch. 
     5'''Step 1''': Download the archive [ Dolphin 6.1 Patch 4]. This patch is compatible with any Dolphin package: ''!AdFree'', ''Free'' and ''!SmartPro''. 
     7'''Step 2''': Extract the archive and upload its contents to the Dolphin installation folder on your server overwriting the files with the same names.[[BR]] 
     8You can use any FTP client to do so. 
     10''Example'': Open the '''orca''' directory on your server, and at the same time open the '''orca''' directory in the extracted patch on your PC. Upload all files contained in the '''orca''' directory of the patch to your server's '''orca''' directory overwriting those with the same names. 
     12'''Step 3''': You have to edit the build number of your script in '''inc/''', replacing 
     14{{{$site['build'] = '3';}}} 
     18{{{$site['build'] = '4';}}} 
     20'''Step 4''': Log in to your admin panel and recompile Orca languages in the way it is described [ here]. 
     23'''Now your Dolphin 6.1.4 patch should be successfully installed.''' 
     25In case of any troubles feel free to contact the Support Department at []. 
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