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     1= Dolphin Upgrade Instructions from 7.4.1 to 7.4.2 = 
     5== Step 0 == 
     6'''Back up your current Dolphin files, folders and database.''' 
     8'''NOTE''': This upgrade will work with official Dolphin 7.4.1 version ONLY. If you applied some fixes to your Dolphin 7.4.1 then this patch should work in most cases, but there are some fixes that may cause conflict. 
     10== Step 1 == 
     11Download and extract the patch [ Dolphin-Patch-v.7.4.2] and upload its files to your current installation, replacing all old files. '''Make sure that old files were REALLY replaced - the site can become nonfunctional at all if old files are still in place.'''  
     14== Step 2 == 
     15Remove the '''''upgrade/.htaccess''''' file via FTP or SSH.  
     17'''Make sure that you removed .htaccess file from "upgrade" directory! Do not remove .htaccess file from Dolphin root folder, it will make almost all links on the site not working.''' 
     19'''NOTE''': You may need to change your FTP client settings to show hidden files to see the '''''.htaccess''''' file in your FTP manager.  
     23== Step 3 == 
     24Open the following URL in your favorite browser: 
     30''Replace '''''' and  '''path-to-dolphin''' with your real values.'' 
     32Apply all available updates. The script detects suitable updates automatically. 
     36== Step 4 == 
     37Please follow and read all automatically completed steps of the upgrade script, paying special attention to the last step. The last step of this upgrade is '''IMPORTANT'''. You will be given special instructions by the script which you will have to do '''MANUALLY'''.  
     38Here is a copy of these instructions: 
     39- Clean `/cache/`, `/cache_public/` and `/tmp/` folders via FTP or SSH, leave only .htaccess file there if one exists 
     40- Recompile system language file from Admin Panel -> Settings -> Languages Settings -> Languages 
     41- Clean `/cache/` folder again 
     42- Recompile Forum language file for all templates from Admin Panel -> Modules -> Forum -> Manage Forum 
     43- Remove `/upgrade/` directory 
     46== Step 5 == 
     47Report any occurrence of bugs in [ this forum]. 
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