Advanced Settings

Here is the main control panel for Dolphin settings

Allow members to create events

Check to allow your members to create events.

Dolphin License Code

If you upgrade/downgrade your Dolphin license from free to adfree change it here.

Enable Boonex ID import

Allows you to import your Boonex profile and your members to import theirs if they have one. A great idea, though little use to most of us, so i have it unchecked, this would be great if Boonex made it available to networks that have more than one Dolphin site.

My Boonex Affiliate ID

If you are selling Boonex Affiliate products on your site then you need to enter your Boonex Affiliate ID here.

Track all profile views. Later a member can manage these "views".

This is enabled in the database so i have it checked, but as yet there is no real function on the Dolphin user side to see who viewed their profiles.

New User Notify

Sends an email to inform of new members that has joined

Enable profile votes

You must have this checked if you allow profile voting, this affects the leader board on the home page. if unchecked the leader board will not function. The leader board need 5 votes from 5 different members to register on the leader board, ensure your membership levels also has "Vote" and "View profiles" enabled for the membership levels you want to give this access too, again the leader board depends on the votes.

Enable photos votes

This is for Profile photo votes, this must be checked if you want your members to vote on profile photo's, this has no effect on the photo voting of public gallery photo's only profile photo's.

Enable Comments for profiles

With this checked your members can put comments on other members profiles, there is no function to delete the comments unless you do it via the database. This option is far better than using the Guestbook, as the guestbook is targeted by spam bots on all sites not just Dolphin.

Show zodiac signs

Shows a members zodiac sign on profiles and searches.

Enable profile customization

This allows your members to change their profile backgrounds and font colours and styles, it also allows them to upload a background image (with the default Dolphin settings this background image can not be seen to well, i'll come back and link here to the part of the guide that shows you the tips and tricks to make Dolphin look better. you need to approve profile backgrounds by clicking on the admin/users/members/ on the right under BGs (backgrounds) any in red need to be approved any in green are approved. click the red ones top left within the image is a check box, check it and click accept.

Show "More Photos" link on search result

Anonymous mode (no contact information)

Lowest age possible for site members

Highest age possible for site members

Max length of title for media file

Min length of title for media file

Max width of profile icon (in pixels)

Max height of profile icon (in pixels)

Max width of profile thumbnail (in pixels)

Max height of profile thumbnail (in pixels)

Max width of profile photo (in pixels)

Max height of profile photo (in pixels)

Max number of profile photos

Enable auto-activation for gallery photos

Number of gallery photos which can be uploaded by user

New Gallery Feature for Classifieds

New Gallery Feature for Profile Photos

Enable Instant Messenger

Maximum number of messages stored in inbox

Maximum message size in symbols

Time period in minutes within which a member is considered to be online

Maximum number of online members shown in the member control panel

Enable Ability to work with Buy Now button in Classifieds

How long can Classifieds live (days)

Enable Sort in Classifieds

Automatic advertisements activation after adding

Registration by invitation only (need before Enable affiliate support)

Enable cupid mails

Enable matchmaking

Send a cupid mail if the recently joined profile matches more than this percentage

Enable Users to Change Templates

Enable search by ZIP codes

Enable affiliate support

Show contact form on contact us page

Enable Ray

Show Friend List

Use GD library for image processing

Enable Ray Pro (must be installed and Ray must be enabled)

Currency sign (for display purposes only)

Short Date Format ?

Long Date Format ?

PHP date format


Number of items per line in top menu. 0 - no breaking.

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Below is the legacy version of the Boonex site, maintained for Dolphin.Pro 7.x support.
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