Dolphin 6 Installation Guide for Experienced Users

This is a quick set of installation instructions for those who already have experience with installing web scripts. If, at any stage, you need more details use the full Dolphin 6 Installation Guide.

  • Download and unzip the Dolphin package to your local computer or directly to the server.

  • Create a database for Dolphin on your web server, as well as a MySQL user that will have all privileges for accessing and modifying it.
  • Place Dolphin files into the desired location on your web server (root or a sub-folder).
  • Run the Dolphin installation script from yoursite/install/index.php in your browser.

  • Follow the instructions on the installation screen (setting permissions, specifying necessary server info, setting cron jobs).
  • Log into Dolphin's Admin Panel from /admin/index.php and enter your license number (Free or commercial) into the License field of the Registration box.
  • When in your Dolphin Admin Panel, you need to compile languages for the Forum component called Orca. Navigate to Plugins -> Orca Forum and click on a two-letter language code (en by default) next to the Compile Langs wording. Refresh the page. Go to /groups/orca and click the link en next to the Compile Langs. Refresh.
  • Go to Plugins -> Ray Suite and the click Settings. Here you will have to enter your Media Server settings. Learn more about Media Server installation here.

  • All done. Enjoy!
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