These instructions are created for Hosting providers and/or VPS/Dedicated server holders. They will explain you how to add Dolphin Cpanel sync via WHM. So, Dolphin will be available for installation on this server.

1. Navigate to:

login to WHM panel -> cPanel -> Install cPAddons

2. Enter the following url:

in "Vendor's information URL:" field and press "Update Vendors" button

3. BoonEx DolphinFree and DolphinAdFree will be added automatically in common list, tick checkbox near DolphinFree and DolphinAdFree and press "Update Addon Config" button.

4. After these operations Dolphin will be available for installation from user's cpanel

Auto-installer upgrade instructions

1. Navigate to:

login to WHM panel -> cPanel -> Install cPAddons

2. Enter the following url (skip this step if BoonEx Vendor is already in the list):

in Vendor's information URL: field and press Update Vendors button

BoonEx Dolphin will be added automatically to the list.

3. Tick the checkbox near BoonEx and press the Update Addon Config button.

4. After these operations, Dolphin 6.1.6 will be available for installation from the user's cpanel.


1. With the new releases, Ray Widgets and Orca forum were incorporated into the Dolphin package and from now on we do not differentiate our products

they are all Dolphin now and require only a single license code to be registered once Dolphin is installed. There are no Dolphin free or ad free packages now.

2. The Media Server for the Flash Apps (Ray widgets previously) has also been updated and it’s compatible with Dolphin versions 6.1.5 and 6.1.6 only. You can download it at for Linux, and for Windows.

3. The auto - installer doesn't contain any upgrade packs, it provides users with the Dolphin 6.1.6 installation only. Those of your customers, who are using the Dolphin 6.1.4 and would like to upgrade their site won't be able to upgrade their Dolphin versions via cPanel and have to upgrade it to Dolphin 6.1.5 first. Upgrade instructions are available at

Note: For Dolphin 7.x installations use

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