Creating an installer for Desktop Application

Download Desktop Application to your Windows PC and run it.

  • You will see the Ray Desktop: License Agreement, read it carefully. To proceed with installation you should accept its terms and click Next >.
  • Specify the directory where you want to install the Desktop and click Install >.
  • After installation is completed click Next >. Here you have to enter the Version and Build of your Ray Desktop, the URL of the ray folder on your site and the Caption of the Desktop Agent that will be downloadable from your site.
    • Example: Version 3.5, Build 0000, URL, Caption: My Community. Then click Save.
  • The Desktop Admin part is successfully installed. Now navigate to Start -> Programs -> Ray Desktop -> Create downloadable. A new file will be created and accessible by this path: C:\Program Files\Ray Desktop\out\Agent_v3.5.0000.exe.
    • Note: There's a handy way to access this file: Start -> Programs -> Ray Desktop -> Open directory.
  • Upload this file to folder.
  • (Only for Dolphin 6.1.4 or older) Now you have to specify the link to this application in your Web Presence Settings: Admin Panel -> Plugins -> Ray Suite -> Web Presence -> Settings -> Desktop URL. This URL should look like this:
  • (Only for Dolphin 6.1.4 or older) Check the link to Ray Desktop Installer in the Web Presence window.
  • If you have Dolphin version 6.1.5 or higher, you will need to create a link to Desktop using Builders -> Navigation Menu Builder.
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