How to update custom translations during upgrade

Usually Dolphin has some changes in language files when version upgrade is performed. If you have custom translation on your Dolphin site and you maintain this translation (if you purchased translation it is better to ask author of translated files for the update) then you need to update your translations as well, so your site is fully translated.

The upgrade script can do it for you if you create special files BEFORE THE UPGRADE PROCESS.

Have a look at the upgrade/files/7.X.X-7.X.X/ and upgrade/files/7.X.X-7.X.X/modules/*/ directories. There are lang_en.php files by default in these directories - these files contains changes in language files. You need to create a translated copy of lang_en.php for your custom language in the same directory. For example, if you have the Italian language installed you need to add lang_it.php files.

After you created appropriate files - run the upgrade process - all new language keys for your custom language will be added automatically.

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