Dolphin and choosing the right Host

Dolphin uses the most advanced scripting languages that are available today. The more current the Dolphin version, the more current the provider will need to be.

Dolphin was not meant to function on a standard shared hosting environment, but because more and more people see the potential and ease of Dolphins drag n drop technology, more and more people are trying Dolphin on their shared hosting plans.

Hosting companies vary in their server setup, and most have their own servers setup for the masses, and use words like "unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth" people see Dolphin as a site that uploads/downloads music, and video, therefore requiring unlimited space and bandwidth, for its hosting environment.

Throw in a $4.99 a month price tag for your unlimited hosting account and you have everything you need to build a great site with Dolphin. Trust me on this, you are going to spend a lot more in the following month for headache pills, (you'll get a lot of headaches) hair restoration treatment (you'll be pulling your hair out by the months end) lets not forget a new pc to replace the one you just tossed out the window.

Read the minimum requirements here:

Read all the Hosting providers pages here:

More Importantly, the most important page to read

Read Dolphin user comments about the Recommended hosts here:

Email the Hosting provider a list of questions (this ensures you have a record of what they said if you want to claim your money back) make sure your questions relate to the package you are interested in. Do not give them the opportunity to confuse you with mixed replies about different packages.

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