Modules (Extensions)

These are Dolphin modules which you may want to install. You can go through the simple installation process at Administration Panel -> Tools -> Modules of each module that you want to be presented on your site.

Dolphin provides powerful flexibility by using modules. You can easy add or remove modules on your site. There is one system module which needs to be installed first. This module is Avatar.

You see Flash Apps are already placed there by default for further administration purposes. So firstly, you will need to go and install desired apps from the Administration Panel -> Tools -> Modules.

Once the module is installed from the Administration Panel -> Tools -> Modules the link to this module will appear under Extensions section. Now you have the ability to administer the installed module, also tweak its options and settings.

You need to take into consideration that some of the modules during installation may add their own additional options/settings to Dolphin general Tools, Settings and Builders.

Here is an example for you to learn more about this.
E.g.: You have installed the module Photos, and now you see it is listed under the Extensions list. By clicking the link you will see that module's own options and settings. You are setting your desired options in it, but you will also have to look at the Administration Panel -> Settings -> Membership Levels to activate the Photos modules' actions and associate it with the desired membership.
Also, this module adds own Email Templates to Administration Panel -> Settings -> Email Templates.
Navigation Menu and Member Menu at Administration Panel -> Builders are affected appropriately too.

Some of the modules have dependencies. It means that some of them won't be installed unless another specific module is not installed beforehand. You will be promptly informed about these dependencies during the installation of these modules.

When a module is installed on your site, it adds its own language keys to the Language file. So, if your site is going to be multilingual we'd advise you to install all desired modules first and only then manage the Language file (through Administration Panel -> Settings -> Language Settings) to make the translation.

Here is the list of the official Dolphin Modules with their descriptions

*Payment Module

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