Host Tools


The Audit will give you an overview of your hosting setup to make sure that it is properly configured for the proper operation of Dolphin. Here you can check your Software requirements, Hardware requirements, Site setup and Site optimization. You'll see the current values of the host parameters of your server and the recommended one. Please make sure that your current parameters are equal to the recommended ones.

You should note that some of the parameters are critical in terms of security, site operation, usage, etc. For example, register_globals must always be OFF for security reasons.


See the list of the permissions on Dolphin files and folders. The form will highlight incorrect ones if there are any so that you can go and set appropriate permissions.


You can look at your phpinfo file through convenient interface to check if all PHP setting are presented and/or enabled on your hosting server according to Dolphin Technical Requirements.

Cache Engines

Here you can see what cache engine(s) you have and which one(s) are available.

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