Membership Levels

Membership Settings

Notify members about membership expiration only once (every day otherwise):
If checked, users in membership levels will be notified only once of membership expiration and if unchecked users will be notified every day.

Number of days before membership expiration to notify members ( -1 = after expiration ):
Specify how many days users should be notified of their membership being expired before expired.

Enable promotional membership:
Specifies whether you want promotional membership enabled (Default set to True)

Number of days for promotional membership:
Specifies how many days promotional membership runs for (Default = 7)

Create Membership Levels

The name of your new membership level (eg. Gold, Bronze, Power)

Image Icon:
Icon that will be shown in Membership section both on Profiles and on the Membership page

Give a brief description about your new membership level. This description will also be seen on the MembershipMembership page.


Non Member, Standard and promotion are default system membership levels and can not be removed.
All check boxes will be enabled on all new membership levels you create which will allow you to Enable, Disable and delete memberships.
You can modify membership permissions for any membership level by clicking on the membership name you want to modify.

Changing Membership Level Permissions

Features that are grayed out means they are not active for this membership level.
To activate a feature, check the check box(s) and click Enable at the bottom of the page.
You can change actions by clicking on the feature name.

Manage Membership Actions

Number of allowed actions
Specifies how many times a user in this membership level can perform this action on their account.

Number of actions is reset every:
How often this action is reset (eg. if Number of allowed actions is set to 10 and have actions reset every 24 hours than users in this level will be able to use this feature 10 times every 24 hours.)

This action is available since:
Specifies when this action becomes available.

This action is available until:
Specifies how long this action is available.

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