Allows you to rearrange the navigation menu items.

To change the order of the Navigation Menu items on your site, drag the active items into the order that you want. To adjust the number of items that show before being relegated to the "more" dropdown menu, Admin>Settings>Advanced Settings>Other

  • The number of tabs shown in the navigation menu before the More link for logged in members.:
  • The number of tabs shown in the navigation menu before the More link for visitors.:
  • In the All Items section drag a New_Item block up and place it where you want it to appear to your users.
  • Click on the block to fill in the details:
    • System Name will be displayed on the item block itself so be sure to give it a name that represents the link.
    • Language Key This will compile the Language for the link name *Make sure you create this key* Visit the Languages Settings page for more information on Language Keys.
    • Default Name You can leave this field blank, it will be filled in automaticly by the Language Key
    • URL Where the user will be redirected to when they click on the link
    • Picture The picture in which will be displayed above the main block on that page. (If url is located within your site)
    • Icon The icon which will be displayed in the navigation menu, If this is filled in the text wont be visible on the menu.
    • Quick Link Creates a shortcut on the Quick Links section on the account page[br?
    • Target Window Same = navigates away from the current page New = Opens a new window or tab[br?
    • Visible For Who you want the link to be visible to.
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