Predefined Values

View and edit pre-existing Predefined Lists, as well as create new ones.

Create a list of possible values that can be used when creating profile fields and other lists where you want to predefine the items in a list.
We will create a simple Predefined Values list.

After clicking Predefined Values click on Create New
Give your new item a name eg. DolphinThoughts
Click the Green + icon
In the Value field type in Love It
In the Lkey field type in _lv
Click the + icon to create a new Value
For Value type in It's Ok
For Lkey type in _ok
Click Save

Using these values in a new profile field
Please refer to the Profile Fields page to learn how to create profile fields.
While creating your new field, for the Type, choose Selector
In the Advanced section under Possible Values type in #DolphinThoughts
In the Default Value field type in Love It, this will be set as the default choice.
Now the values you created will be populated automaticly in the drop down menu.

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