PLEASE NOTE: This tutorial is for Dolphin 6, please refer to Dolphin Replication doc for the instructions for Dolphin 7.

Dolphin can be configured to work on a cluster. Cluster environment was provided by HostForWeb.

Firstly. Do not delete this file on your hosting server. It must be put on your server by your hosting provider.

status.html - in root folder for load balancer.

Secondly. This is what must be done to configure Dolphin to work on 2 clusters.

You should install Dolphin on one of your servers (NOTE: create databases on both of your servers using the same names) and run the installation script on one of your servers only. After you will have to copy the files from the installed version to the second server. The database will be replicated automatically on the second server from the first one.

Enter the root folder of Dolphin installation on both servers via SSH and run the following script. It will link the folders of Dolphin to Network File System.

Note: This is only an example of what must be done. The path to the "/mnt/nas/" (Network File System) could be different on your server. So, the whole script must be re-written accordingly. For this you can consult with your hosting provider or contact us.

mv media /mnt/nas/
ln -s /mnt/nas/media/ media

mv groups/gallery/ /mnt/nas/groups_gallery
ln -s /mnt/nas/groups_gallery groups/gallery

mv langs/ /mnt/nas/
ln -s /mnt/nas/langs/ langs

mkdir /mnt/nas/inc
mv inc/ /mnt/nas/inc
ln -s  /mnt/nas/inc/ inc/
mv inc/  /mnt/nas/inc
ln -s  /mnt/nas/inc/ inc/

mv ray/modules/board/xml/ /mnt/nas/ray_board_xml
ln -s /mnt/nas/ray_board_xml ray/modules/board/xml

mv ray/modules/chat/xml/ /mnt/nas/ray_chat_xml        
ln -s /mnt/nas/ray_chat_xml   ray/modules/chat/xml

mv ray/modules/im/xml/ /mnt/nas/ray_im_xml          
ln -s /mnt/nas/ray_im_xml ray/modules/im/xml

mv ray/modules/movie/xml/ /mnt/nas/ray_movie_xml  
ln -s /mnt/nas/ray_movie_xml  ray/modules/movie/xml

mv ray/modules/mp3/xml/ /mnt/nas/ray_mp3_xml          
ln -s /mnt/nas/ray_mp3_xml/ ray/modules/mp3/xml 

mv ray/modules/music/xml/ /mnt/nas/ray_music_xml     
ln -s /mnt/nas/ray_music_xml/ ray/modules/music/xml

mv ray/modules/presence/xml/ /mnt/nas/ray_presence_xml     
ln -s /mnt/nas/ray_presence_xml/ ray/modules/presence/xml 

mv ray/modules/video/xml/ /mnt/nas/ray_video_xml               
ln -s /mnt/nas/ray_video_xml/ ray/modules/video/xml

mkdir /mnt/nas/ray_global
mv ray/modules/global/inc/ /mnt/nas/ray_global/
ln -s /mnt/nas/ray_global/ ray/modules/global/inc/
mv ray/modules/global/js/integration.js /mnt/nas/ray_global/integration.js
ln -s /mnt/nas/ray_global/integration.js ray/modules/global/js/integration.js

mv ray/modules/board/files /mnt/nas/ray_board_files
ln -s /mnt/nas/ray_board_files ray/modules/board/files

mv ray/modules/im/files /mnt/nas/ray_im_files
ln -s /mnt/nas/ray_im_files ray/modules/im/files

mv ray/modules/movie/files /mnt/nas/ray_movie_files
ln -s /mnt/nas/ray_movie_files ray/modules/movie/files

mv ray/modules/mp3/files /mnt/nas/ray_mp3_files
ln -s /mnt/nas/ray_mp3_files ray/modules/mp3/files

mv ray/modules/music/files /mnt/nas/ray_music_files
ln -s /mnt/nas/ray_music_files ray/modules/music/files

Third. Some changes should be applied in Orca.

In xml/config.php file, you should change your domain name to "http://localhost/:

$gConf['url']['xml'] = 'http://localhost/orca/xml/orca.php'; // xml integration file url

Dolphin Home page and Account Builder are affected. The URLs should be changed as follows:

homepage builder: {SiteUrl}orca/?action=rss_all -> http://localhost/orca/?action=rss_all
account builder : {SiteUrl}orca/?action=rss_user&user={NickName} ->  http://localhost/orca/?action=rss_user&user={NickName}

Dolphin's inc/ file should be affected too: : if( isset($_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']) and $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] != 'localhost' and $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] != $aUrl['host'] )

added -> and $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] != 'localhost'

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