1) What data is collected when user visits Dolphin site without registration ?

When someone visiting the site then user is considered as guest, Dolphin doesn't store anything which can identify the personality in this case. 

2) What data is collected when user registered on Dolphin site ?

When user joins the site, the following data is collected:

  • user information which is asked on join form and on profile edit form
  • user's IP address
  • registration date
  • date of the last activity
  • however when user navigates the site and perform different actions on the site, more data is saved to the database, each module stores different information, such as text posts, images, comments, messages, likes, votes, etc

3) Where user can access/view their data ?

User can view the saved data on his profile page. By clicking on tabs in user's profile saved info from all modules is shown.

4) For how long is the data being stored ?

Dolphin stores user's data indefinitely, however it's possible to setup pruning to delete user's profiles which didn't login to their account for the certain time, also there are pruning setting for other data. These settings are in Admin Panel > Settings > Advanced Setting > Pruning.

Please note that after profiles or any other info is pruned it still can be stored in site backups.

5) How can user's data can be deleted ?

Data can be deleted by the user from User's Account > Unregister. Also admin can delete user's profiles. If pruning is setup then the data can be deleted after certain period of time. All user's data is deleted except forum posts and user's comments which have replies, since this info is used as context for other info, deleting it can affect other users. Success message after deletion means that the data was deleted.

Please note deleted data can remain for some time in site backups.

6) Which other third parties do have access to user's information ?

User's data can be viewed by site administrators, it's required for different site administration tasks, for example to ensure that user's data is real and be able to approve or reject the profile

Please note it maybe some modules which can grant access to user's info to some other type of users. 

6) What information is stored in cookies ?

Dolphin stores cookies for:

  • user's session
  • user ID
  • hashed user's password
  • user's language (if their switched language)
  • user's template(if their switched template)

Please note that 3rd party modules and different 3rd-party integrations may store additional cookies

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