Dolphin Licenses

Dolphin software is a proprietary product of Boonex Pty Ltd. We offer it under the terms of two different licenses - Free and Paid. Additionally, we develop and distribute native apps for Android and iOS - these are offered under terms of a paid license only.

Free Trial License

Dolphin can be used free of charge for unlimited period of time under the terms of CC-BY public license. According to this license we require Dolphin-based websites to display visible attribution links/banners referring to Boonex. These links must be displayed in the way they are built-in to Dolphin code, without modification or obfuscation of any kind.

Attribution links are the only limitation of the Free Trial License. There is no limit on version upgrades, period of usage time, members count or installations.

Dolphin may be re-distributed for free, but the links must remain in the same form and their removal is only possible after obtaining a paid license from Boonex.

Paid License - Standard

You can buy a commercial license from Boonex. Paid license registration allows removal of visible Boonex links and banners. With Paid License you can present your site to your visitors as if you have developed it yourself. References in source code must still remain - they are invisible to your site visitors.

Paid license allows using Dolphin indefinitely on one domain/site for unlimited period of time. Version upgrades are free.

Paid license is a proprietary license that you can download and read here.

Paid License - Prime And Mobile

Prime package includes one Standard Dolphin License, one Mobile License (both for iOS and Android apps), installation service and a lifetime "Premium" membership at, so it's a great value option for a complete Dolphin platform order.

Source code of both Android and iOS Apps for Dolphin can be downloaded, re-branded and submitted to iTunes and Google Play under your own name if you have a Prime license.

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