Feature List (DRAFT)

This is a feature list for the current version of Dolphin (7.0.9 at the time of writing). It includes a list of all the default modules, an explanation of each, and a short overview of their features. An explanation of the other features in Dolphin (e.g., banners, anti-spam tools, etc.) are also explained.


You can view and control all the members on your site from here.

At the top of the page is a block called Controls, which includes a number of filters which make it easier to find members by name, status, etc. For example, N single (where N is a number) will load all the profiles of single members. You can also filter by profile tags and a search box.

The Members block displays the results of the Control block. If nothing was touched in the latter block, the former will default to loading all members. At the top of this block are three links which control how the contents of the block are displayed. For example, Geeky (the default) shows the username, email address, membership level, registration date, and last date of activity for each member. Extended shows the member's profile avatar, username, gender, age, location, and profile description. Simple shows only the member's profile avatar and username. You can control the order of the results and the number of results per page. At the bottom of this block are a number of buttons and a check box. Checking the box will select all members on the page (it is called "Select all," after... all). Here is where the moderations features come in. You can activate currently inactive members (such as those waiting for an administrator to authenticate), deactivate currently active members, ban, unban, confirm the members' email addresses, and finally delete them all.


Dolphin includes more than 30 default modules. That's a lot of features packed into a free script. Below is an explanation of each of those modules.

Flash Apps

Dolphin includes a number of modules which were once a part of the Ray suite of Flash apps. Ray was a former BoonEx product which was later integrated into Dolphin. It now lives on as a bunch of separate modules, but the name "Ray" still pops up in a few places.

Flash Apps isn't an actual module. Instead, it allows for additional configuration of the Flash apps used by some of the default modules. It also houses the settings for the media server.

Here's an overview of each part of Flash Apps:

  • My Flash Apps: An overview of the installed Flash apps. You can disable/enable them, or change their settings from here.
  • Add Flash Apps: A catalogue of additional Flash apps by Rayz. You can purchase them (and more) from the BoonEx Unity Market.
  • Settings: Here be the media server settings, among other misc. things.

We'll cover Settings in due time. But let's focus on My Flash Apps and its list of offerings. You might be confused about some of the Flash apps and their purposes. Here's another overview, this time of which module or feature each relates to:

  • A/V Chat: Part of the Chat module.
  • Comments Video Player: Part of the Video Comments feature.
  • Desktop: Part of the Desktop module.
  • Messenger: Part of the Messenger module.
  • Music Player: Part of the Sounds module.
  • Photo Shooter: Part of the Photos module.
  • Video Player: Part of the Videos module.
  • Whiteboard: Part of the Whiteboard module.


Information on Ads here.


Information on Articles here.


Information on Avatar here.


Information on Blog here.


Information on Chat here.

Custom RSS

Information on Custom RSS here.

Data migration from Dolphin 6.1.6

Information on Data migration from Dolphin 6.1.6 here.


Information on Desktop here.


Information on Events here.

Facebook connect

Information on Facebook connect here.


Information on Feedback here.


Information on Files here.

Google Search

Information on Google Search here.


Information on Groups here.


Information on Membership here.


Information on Messenger here.


Information on News here.


Information on OpenSocial? here.

Orca Forum

Information on Orca Forum here.

Page Access Control

Information on Page Access Control here.


Information on Payment here.


Information on Photos here.


Information on Poll here.

Profile Customizer

Information on Profile Customizer here.


Information on Profiler here.

Profiles Map

Information on Profiles Map here.


Information on Quotes here.


Information on Shoutbox here.

Simple Messenger

Information on Simple Messenger here.


Information on Sites here.

SMTP Mailer

Information on SMTP Mailer here.


Information on Sounds here.


Information on Spy here.


Information on Store here.


Information on Videos here.


Information on Wall here.


Information on Whiteboard here.

ZIP Code Search

Information on ZIP Code Search here.


Information on all the stuff under Tools here.


Information on all the stuff under Builders here.


Information on all the stuff under Settings here.


  • Everything.
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