Ray Widget Appearance Modification

Download Ray 3.0 Default Skins Sources, Ray 3.1 Default Skins Sources or Ray 3.5 Default Skins Sources for all widgets from BoonEx to modify them in the way you like.

These sources will help you to create your own skin for RAY 3.0. For this you should:

  1. open the "[widget_name]/skins/default.fla" file in Macromedia Flash 8;
  1. edit the necessary library elements;
  1. publish your flash document;
  1. rename the published document with "[new_skin_name].swf";
  1. place it into the "[ray_home_dir]/modules/[widget_name]/skins/";

Attention!!! All necessary library elements for the correct skin work should have a linkage identifier for exporting that can't be renamed. (To change or check the linkage identifier click the right button of the mouse on this element and select 'linkage' option).

Repeat steps from 1 to 5 for each widget.

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