Installing Dolphin on a Linux Cpanel server

Login to Cpanel

Click Mysql Databases, Create New Database, use no more than 7 letters (no symbols) for the database name then click Create Database.

Add New User, again no more than 7 characters for the name, choose a strong password. if you find it hard to remember a strong password try using this formula "S@m@nth." = Samantha replace the last letter with a period "." capitalize the First letter, replace A's with @'s and E's with 3's, and O's with 0's. S@m@nth. with or without quotes scores 85% strong its my name but never use your own name. try "P3t3." with Quotes scores 95% strong = "peter" you do not need a mile long password to be strong, you need a formula to remember it by. "J0h." with quotes, John is a 4 letter name and scores 95% with my formula. Ann = "@n." a 3 letter common name and scores 75% strong. "M@." Max 3 letters 85% strong

Tip if you open your file that you saved your dolphin licenses in, and add the Database user and name as well as
password, you'll have everything saved and to hand when you need them again, also keep your Cpanel login in
the same file.

Cpanel "x3" theme

Open File manager. scroll to Dolphin-v.6.*.*-Adfree/Free?.zip whatever version you are installing, check the box next to it and then on the top right of File manager click "extract", on the popup click "ok" if you want it installed in public_html if not enter the folder name you want it installed in, and hit ok

Cpanel "x" and "x3" themes

Open a new window and navigate to your domain, the Dolphin install page will pop up.

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