Creating a search engine friendly new Dolphin page

  • Navigate to Admin Panel -> Builders -> Pages Builder

  • Click the New Page link in the upper right corner

  • Enter a new name -> Press Ok

  • After page reload you need to create columns by clicking the Add column link
  • Then you can create HTML or RSS blocks by dragging them from the Samples area to the columns you created. You need to release the blocks only after you can see a placeholder in the Active Blocks. Sometimes you will need to drag the block to the lower-left corner of the area to see the placeholder.

  • After you have completed, click the View page link above the Active Area block

  • Open the .htaccess file in your Dolphin's home directory, find the following line:
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} -f [OR]

and insert the following line before it:

RewriteRule ^NewPage$  viewPage.php?ID=NewPage [QSA,L]

Note: If the name of your page contains spaces, you need to specify the previous instructions the following way:

RewriteRule ^New\sPage$  viewPage.php?ID=New+Page [QSA,L]

  • After that your new page will become available at the URL: http://yoursite_url/NewPage or http://yoursite_url/New Page (with a space)

N.B. You have to replace the NewPage with your desired page name.

  • Now you will be able to add this link to the navigation menu using the Navigation Menu Builder
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