Recommended Software

The following Software is what i use personally, I have used most of it for 6-7 years and its proven both invaluable and reliable. I will relate to this software when i talk about "how to do things" So if you install this software, you'll see what i see and can relate more to the guide contents.

Firefox 3

Firefox 3 works best with Dolphin, unlike IE7 where some of the Dolphin admin panel content (like builders) do not work with IE7.

Flash player 9

Flash Player 9 is the browser plugin you need. DO NOT INSTALL FLASH 10. Flash 10 will wipe out your ray base licenses and you can not put them back unless you use a different browser with Flash 9

Firebug 1.2.1

Firebug has to be the best Firefox add-on ever made, Due to the fact that Dolphin has over 80 css files that control your sites looks, Firebug is a 2 click tool that tells you what file and its line number that the css is being used on the item you clicked on, on your sites page. Firebug also allows you to edit that part of the code to change the fonts, colours, and other items in real time so you can see the changes without affecting your sites looks to your users, before you apply the changes in the sites own files.


Filezilla FTP client has been around longer than i can remember, its the best FTP script you can use, and its free. the advantage with Filezilla is you can use your normal Cpanel login without the need of an email address type login, the other advantage is that Filezilla supports multi simultaneous file uploads, keep it to under 5 files at once. most shared hosts limit connections to 8 max per ip.


Xray is a little like Firebug Use it to see the box model for any element on any web page. it will show you the class, id, and element on any given item you click, as well as other information.



Win rar is a compression/decompression software thats much better than Winzip and can deal with many more compressed file types, it comes as a trial version, but i have used the trial version for over 5 years. (that reminds me its time to pay for it, its worth it) The trial version has a splash screen you have to click "close" on, before you can decompress your file.


Textpad is one of the best file editors i have come across, it works with Filezilla FTP client for file editing, and it has everythink you need.
Never use a Windows editor to edit server files, windows editors like "Wordpad" have hidden text formatting that can affect you server files.

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