How to make Money with your Dolphin site

There are many people who offer "Free" advice on how to actually make money from their website so to actually find systems that work is very difficult. You can search for days and only find that you have to buy several ebooks to get the information you want. I have personally been one of the top sellers of multimillion dollar operations and have seen what it takes to actually make some real money. You can hire people to do every step, all you need to do is follow a recipe.

Truth 1 - You will never make any money digging for gold. You must sell the shovels! In other words, the only people who make money are the guys who actually tell other people how to make money! The shovels are ebooks and emails that contain secret information on how to use ebay, google adsense and other money making websites. This information is not shared with anyone else but your email list.

Truth 2 You can never make money online for free. Let me say that again, You will never make money online for free. How much is your internet bill a month just for reading this? Hosts? Licenses? Bills will pile up but, there is hope.

Lets begin.

Affiliate Marketing - you are an affiliate


Great Ideas, Dolphin, ClickBank Account, adwords account, email list software like aweber and an ebook with priceless niche information..

Don't stop here! You have heard up to this part before I know, but there's much more to it.

1- The niche? & ebook

Well its quite simple really. Its like your bright idea. What is your information you want to share with the world? What do you know about the net that no one else knows? If your stuck, compete with others for a piece of the health or wealth pie. You don't even have to write the ebook! you can pay people to write a 60 to 120 page ebook for real cheap.

2- Clickbank

Once your niche is chosen, you can finally open a ClickBank Account account and pick products from matching your niche IE: Health that you can sell and make 30% or more from each sale. Don't worry, you are not putting it into your beautiful site you have google adsense for that and can put your banners into the banners section of the admin panel quite easily.

3- Sticky page

Design or buy a premade index.html page for your site. NOT to the join section but to "Shocking news" that you have discovered that the reader really needs. You can now get your adwords account working for you to setup keywords to your "Shocking truths about peanuts!" Google sends sends new users to your sticky page. You can also find real smart ways of getting people to this sticky page. All they have to do is fill in their email address. I call it the "sticky" page. Its like the fly paper that my mom used to buy, people fly by it and notice the big sweet juicy page and get stuck to it and MUST have have your free information. They fill out the form and now you have their email address. This address will be among 100's of thousands if you have good information and good freelance from elance writers.

4- Mailing list or dolphin Subscribers

Heres where aweber comes in, you can even now use dolphin to capture the "Subscriptions" but you will not be able to send out autoresponders. Autoresponders are emails that go out the new email every few days after they first put their email into the system. This releases the rest of your information in a series of emails that the users says to themselves, hey this person knows his onions! Each of these emails has all the products you have affiliation with from ClickBank Account Here comes the pretty part, the 100,000 users are all asked to join your site. Make sure your Auto responder does not have ads in them for the first 2 or 3 then email 4-5-6 have them in there. It should take a while to build this and set it up. Once it is setup, you can tweak and modify text to get items sold, make your lists larger, sell more items and make more money. Here's where all your products can go into your Dolphin site and if you want, you won't even have to have your own ads on it at all!! Why? You make even more money buy selling adspace to your members and affiliates. The ideas here are limited to your imagination. Think like a child here and truly believe that anything is possible.

Affiliate Systems/ Subscriptions - you have affiliates

By far the most money I have ever seen made is by Dolphin website owners who use some type of affiliate system like Post Affiliate Pro to get other people to "sell" their website subscriptions. They also have a "niche" website that is very popular and visited many times so the subscriptions sell like hotcakes, the affiliates are happy and the whole organization gets bigger and bigger. This takes a little longer to build and if you think about it, its really the same thing as above but in reverse. You can see how much more interesting the above is though. You can get to this later after you have built a solid email list. This is also another reason why its so important you get your website whitelisted. See wiki:TutorialTweakingSpamFilters

Where to put everything

You will have a lot of banners that will come from the admin panel of your ClickBank Account and your adsense account. You will place these banners into the dolphin admin panel/tools banners section.

The majority of the banners can also be added to your email templates, located in admin panel/settings/email templates.

Banners can also be placed into your Pages Blocks via the admin panel/builders/Pages Blocks

  • here you just drag an empty HTML block to the active page, edit it and add your banner code.You can watch this video to see where these places are I speak of.

Once you have all of your banners placed, you can enjoy your site and reap the benefits of all your hard work.

In Conclusion

Notice that your Dolphin site is just a piece to a large puzzle! Please take your time setting things up in a very well thought out "funnel" where users are directed where you want them to go. Dolphin can do anything you want, think "what if can..." not "what if it can't". All these systems have API to hook to also so Dolphin can be a very well oiled money making machine once its all put together. The most important thing to remember is that your email list is very precious and should be constantly maintained and refined whether in your subscriptions table or on some other 3rd party site or database. If you used the sites above and understand the recipe, you are all set and can now begin your journey.


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I wish everyone who reads this the very best. Most importantly, have fun.

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