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    3030By far the most money I have ever seen made is by Dolphin website owners who use some type of affiliate system like  [[|Post Affiliate Pro]] to get other people to "sell" their website subscriptions. They also have a "niche" website that is very popular and visited many times so the subscriptions sell like hotcakes, the affiliates are happy and the whole organization gets bigger and bigger. This takes a little longer to build and if you think about it, its really the same thing as above but in reverse. You can see how much more interesting the above is though. You can get to this later after you have built a solid email list. This is also another reason why its so important you get your website whitelisted. See wiki:TutorialTweakingSpamFilters 
     32== Where to put everything, == 
     33 You will have a lot of banners that will come from the admin panel of your [[|ClickBank Account]] and your adsense account. You will place these banners into the dolphin admin panel/tools banners section. The majority of the banners can also be added to your email templates, located in admin panel/settings/email templates. Banners can also be placed into your Pages Blocks via the admin panel/builders/Pages Blocks - here you just drag an empty HTML block to the active  page, edit it and add your banner code.You can watch this [[|video]] to see where these places are I speak of. Once you have all of your banners placed, you can enjoy your site and reap the benefits of all your hard work. 
    3235== In Conclusion, == 
    3336Notice that your Dolphin site is just a piece to a large puzzle! Please take your time setting things up in a very well thought out "funnel" where users are directed where you want them to go. Dolphin can do anything you want, think "what if can..." not "what if it can't". All these systems have API to hook to also so Dolphin can be a very well oiled money making machine once its all put together. 
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