How to: Proper Troubleshooting

This brief guide is an explanation of a simple and straightforward efficient process for troubleshooting technical issues relating to your Dolphin site.

Caution: Calm Down. Take a deep breath, and relax.

Your site has crashed, you think you have been hacked or you cannot get RID of the constant spam. You may think the problem you have currently or may experience is because you "did something wrong", but in most cases a problem highlights just that; a problem. Sometimes a problem can also lead to a more effiencent deployment of code or another way of doing a particular task, ect. The most important step in troubleshooting is to remain calm and try to focus all attention to:

1) Identifying Issues

2) Identifying proper solution

3) Getting support

Once you have proceeded to "Getting Support" it is recommended you properly document the issue by creating a detailed explaination of what happened as well as the technical enviroment involved. Screenshots of the issues also help the properly written and concise forum thread could provide others additional support in the future. Keep in mind that the more precise and detailed you are in describing the problem; the better chance you will have with others being able to properly identify the problem and solution.

I hope this Troubleshooting Guide will provide you some basic assistance in aiding your Technical Support.

Recommended Lines of Support

1) Forum Search
Your problem has probley already been asked. Search it, might save you embarassment or anxiety from a reply or from the lack of replies.

2) Google Search
Check Google. Need I say more?

3) Check 3rd party Dolphin related sites

If you havent any luck in the forum and with Google, then try 3rd party sites you don't think are indexed by Google.(Unlikley we know, but its worth a try :)

4) Create a forum post

Create a forum post and wait for an hour at least before next step. If you don't get a response and you are desperate, proceed to next step rather than "bumping". Why? You may think this sounds a bit harsh but really 95% of all dolphin technical issues are commonly solved by simply looking around. Chances are in the vast internet with thousands of like minded developers and Dolphin webmasters that the problem has in some way already been solved. If not, then great! If you properly document it, the next person can get the issue solved too! Thats unity. See below for tips on a proper description of common issues and 'enviroment data'.

5) Contact Support (Agents)

Why is this the last line of support? Cause you are the best resource for fixing your problem. The better you get, the better you will be; and thats an asset when your a webmaster. If you havent found a fix for your issue then the Agents will assist you, and the community will benifit knowing that they aren't busy answering commonly asked questions.

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