Widget description

The widget description includes common information about widget and widget applications summary. You should define the widget description in the "[your_widget]/inc/constants.inc.php" file. Widget information includes info about title, version, code (unique code for your widget), author, author HomePage and a widget preview image 130x130px ("[your_widget]/data/preview.jpg" file).

The widget applications summary includes information about every flash application in this widget. Every widget application has the following parameters:

  1. caption – window title while displaying this application;
  1. parameters - parameter names to pass to the application;
  1. js - javascript files list that should be included to the page contents;
  1. inline – defines if this application should be integrated in some page design or if it will open in a pop-up window;
  1. vResizable – enable vertical resizing (only for pop-up);
  1. hResizable - enable horizontal resizing (only for pop-up);
  1. layout – flash application layout parameters: top and left coordinates (for pop-up window), width and height in pixels;
  1. minSize – minimum flash application size (if it is resizable);
  1. reloadable – this means that your application can reload the page (for skin/language change). You can reload the current page by calling the javascript "reload" function from application (see demo2 application source);
  1. div - defines flash container id, name and style properties.
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