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ffmpeg.exe is non-executable


i have another difficulty at the installation, at the permissions, i see that the flash file flash/modules/global/app/ffmpeg.exe is non-executable, however it should be, i do not know what to do...

Please help me asap, i am struggeling with the installation since three days...

Thanks in advance,


Change mode to 777


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Change mode to 777


 thanks for the reply... change which file ? I find it where ?

sorry, my questiopn is stupid, i am tired... i found and did... can i continue the installation from the permission page or i should refresh it ?

The one thats says it's not executable. You posted it, so you should already know the answer to that question.

ffmpeg.exe located in flash/modules/global/app/

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Click the re-check button. Make sure all the other permissions are correct before you continue.

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Even with 7.08, if you open the install.txt file and follow the instructions step by step, you will get all the necessary permissions in place that will allow it to work. Don;t just rely on the instructions that are presented to you during the install process, take the time to read through the entire install file before you start. You'll have much better results.

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Click the re-check button. Make sure all the other permissions are correct before you continue.

 yes, did and everything is allright !
i go further, i will post another topic if i have a problem with other things... a BIG THANKS !!!

hii, deano92964...


how to change its mode to 777??

can u explain the procedure of changing it to executable form please.. thnxx

I have the same problem, i,ve uploaded all the dolphin 7 files, i`ve strarted the installation but i have this error "flash/modules/global/app/ffmpeg.exe Non-Executable" , i`ve searched the file on server but is missing, i`ve copied that file again but when i try to modifi the permision it sais that the file is not on the server, when i check  it i see that it disappears.

Do you know why???

reupload the ffmpeg.exe file and follow this tutorial to change the permission

so much to do....

The problem is that i cannot copy the ffmpeg.exe file to server after i copy it , it dessepears and i do not know why, that`s the problem !!!

On localhost it work`s perfect but on hosted server .....

Disapearing? You better ask your host to look into that one.

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that file already traced, but even changing the permissions to 777 it continues to give permission issue, does anyone know what to do?

Check the "host tools" in admin and make sure everything is green. Also make sure your host allows executables.

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