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How can add and use Google fonts on dolphin. Thank you
41m ago
Did you use the license before on a different domain? If so, make sure it's been reset: Go to and click on the license key, then click the Reset button in the license details window. If it's still not working, check under the Admin Panel => Tools => Host Tools in Dolphin and make sure allow_url_fopen is enabled in PHP.
6h ago
Every time I go to enter my license key, my dolphin instance doesn't seem to accept it. It used to work but now it's not taking it. Any ideas?
7h ago
Oddly enough, Dolphin is one of the easiest scripts to install. Provided you have a database ready and a program like WinSCP or Filezilla running in the background, it should take five minutes or less from go to woe.  However, it's essential that your server will run Dolphin and that's the problem. Many servers won't. I've struck problems on several servers, so I went for and recommend Zarconia, which I know works.  There are several requirements in the PHP. and Apache files which mu
13h ago
  login details  I have sent as DM, please check. Thank you very much
22h ago
In Plesk, the command line should only include: cd /path/to/dolphin/periodic; /path/to/php -q cron.php The * * * * * is added to the run every line when creating the cron job in Plesk. If you can send me a DM with your Plesk and site login details, I can take a closer look at this for you.
24h ago
ah i see, its not updating some files in the inc folder because of the permissions. fixed it now thanks. I shall attempt the next upgrade. *crosses fingers*
1d ago
I put in all the files that i downloaded, idk what else I can do. I did the install thing and everything turned green, cleared all the caches, recompiled the languages, deleted the installation folder. what else is there?
1d ago
Dear support:           I have some question for the template:        1: How can remove the Design (mastero) menu at bottom of menu list?        2:how can change the module layout on front of template homepage? eg, i want to store item instead of videos 
1d ago
I did got error message when copied the command which I got at installation.
1d ago