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yes I am using PHP FPM. what are pools? and where can I check these pools?
7h ago
Hi Jerome, Any answer?
16h ago
Hello kdr2000!   Looks like the system tries to work with field which exists in Profile field settings, but doesn't exist in Profiles table. Did you try to restore the backup of Profiles table recently?
23h ago
Are you using PHP-FPM?  If so, check your pools to make sure the correct user and group is there.
1d ago
  Warum nicht einfach Nginx als Webserver ausführen und den Proxy löschen? Ich habe Nginx als guten Webserver mit Dolphin ohne Probleme mit dem Serverblock ausgeführt.
2d ago
I had done. unfortunately does not help
2d ago
You can try "Suspend" member instead:
2d ago
  I have already ranted about this before if the posts have not been removed. I will not rant about your post because nobody pays me for ranting and I can't do this for free. Geek_girl gets paid for ranting but I am suppose to rant for free - no, I don't think so.
2d ago
Date format in form inputs isn't changeable, since it's hardcoded in many places.
2d ago
Please could you clarify what you mean by "server block", also did you examine Nginx server error log when the error occurred ?
2d ago
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