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allow_url_include is On (warning, you should have this param in Off state, or your site will unsafe) to turn it off and know its off put this ";" in front of the allow_url_include,
13d ago
i have installed dolphin 7.4.2 on my php 8.2.17 server, but, the page is producing a 2 column list of the links on left of page and no html design, just the dolphin logo at bottom left of page. does anyone know how to fix this or does anyone have any ideas what is causing this?
13d ago
Thanks Johnk42. Much appreciated. Also, thanks Modzzz, I thought about that from the last issue but wasnt sure so asked here instead.By the way, is everyone moving onto that una site now? Is it even worth sticking with dolphin? What do you think? Will it slowly become unusablke due to other apps and services being upgraded around it? php for instance, mysql etc?
52d ago
Look in the `sys_objects_vote` database table and delete any records relating to bx_wall Be sure to login to your Admin panel and clear cache afterwards.
54d ago
I'm not sure Dolphin is being supported any more. The close off date was December as far as I recall.   The Wall module is called the Activity Feed.   Reinstalling it may solve the problem. It sounds like you may have deleted the module before uninstalling it.
55d ago
Hi, using Using Dolphin 7.4.2 and PHP 7.4.33, I am getting this error through the cron job.I removed many features and this error is related to the Wall. I cant find the Wall module and not sure whether its included with some other module. Either way, I cant find out how to install the wall or remov
60d ago
Hi, everything on my dolphin site seems to be working fin except when I click the host_tools link in the left sidebar of admin area the page doesnt display correctly.It seems to load all the infor but not the header/footer and style. Just a white page witht he following generic error at the bottom of the page:
65d ago
Thanks Modzz, I was in no rush and dont visit Boonex much lately and wasnt flocused on finding a solution other than posting herre. But when you responded I was very pleased and of course the problem is now solved. Thanks to Modzzz and eveeryone else above the problem as gone away. Much appreciated. All the best. 
67d ago
@hawk007 was contacted and the issue resolved.
67d ago
  Do you still get the same error ("'MySite_Boonex_MySite.modzzz_professional_review_views' doesn't exist") ?  Hi, yes, I get the same error when added the _tw version
69d ago
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