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Is anyone running Dolphin on PHP 8?  Any issues?
10d ago
Hello kinuthia!   Usually, this error appears if you have the wrong permissions for the main directory like 777 for the public_html. Also, you need to check if your Dolphin has the .htaccess file in the root directory and your server has the installed modrewrite module.
18d ago
Hi all,   I'm using the current version of Dolphin. I moved to a new server that is using PHP Version 7.4 and i can go down to 7.3 ( but this does not help in solving the issue i'm having).   The problem is when i access the main domain, i get the error: Server Error 403 Forbidden. I'm able to access the site via the /index.php and from there i can access all the site modules.   I'm also able to access other sub-directories that are not part of the dolphin
18d ago
Hello I know this is a really old thread but I used the codes above and got a result which I liked, I am in the process of creating a verified badge for members who submit the documentation needed to us. We will switch it manually. How ever 2 problems 1 I do not want members to have the option to upgrade to the verified members membership, I strictly want that to be manual on admin end and 2 visiting the page when not logged in does not show the members membership, it shows the visitors which is for some
20d ago
Thank you Leonid, had exhausted all Path Options. is no longer so important at DOLPHIN. Is Dying
25d ago
Hello Jonnaklasine! It seems you need to set the full URL of this image.
28d ago
Hello everybody, how do you get a logo in the email templates? had already tried with and without path information: <img src = "/ media / images / logo / logo_email.png" alt = ""> Unfortunately without success. It doesn't work in _email_header.html either. Logo cannot be seen when receiving email. Anyone have a tip?
29d ago
Hello AKATheJoker! You need to add the pair of variables like: $aPlus['Pr
29d ago
when i use contact on profile. i check all three check boxes and it sends me a copy of the message. a notification to user and a copy of message to users   says you wrote a message: then the message   it does not tell me who i wrote the message to.   is there a parameter or variable name so i can find out who i send the contact message to when it gets sent to my email as a copy of message.   i have been at it all day and can not
30d ago
An update has been made to resolve issue with Dolphin 7.4. The following file is udpated:modules/modzzz/mention/classes/BxMentionModule.php
65d ago
Below is the legacy version of the Boonex site, maintained for Dolphin.Pro 7.x support.
The new Dolphin solution is powered by UNA Community Management System.