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It was changed to the contents of the BxTemplProfileGenerator.php file in the evo template. The profiles wasn't loading with the other one.
1d ago
And what has been applied and broke the work?
4d ago
This is what was in the original template before changing.   <?php   bx_import('BxBaseProfileGenerator');   /**  * @see BxDolVoting  */ class BxTemplProfileGenerator extends BxBaseProfileGenerator {     function __construct( $sSystem, $iId, $iInit = 1 )     {         parent::__construct( $sSystem, $iId, $iInit );     } }  
6d ago
7d ago
Ok, then you may reduce the "The Number Of Items Shown In The RSS Feed" parameter in the Admin panel->modules->Articles settings.
7d ago
Hello Leonid! For example, I want to show last articles RSS in abother module, like news. I copy last articles RSS: https://**/m/articles/browse/recent?rss=1 and paste it in another module RSS Feed block. So, I see very long leght of the text in this block. How can I make it shorter?
8d ago
Hello Sanek!   Please specify what area / part do you mean.
8d ago
Hello guys! Havent found an answer on the firum. How can I change RSS lenght? Thanks for attention!
8d ago
Old issue. Still surfacing. Dolphin 7.4.2   Map: Oops! Something went wrong. This page didn't load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for te
8d ago
Thanks for your tips!
9d ago
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