Pls, suggest your favourite "must have" ExtensionsAndrew Boon started 3 Jun 2014 · Autopilot replied 13 Oct 2016In case you missed the note, please participate in the comments here: 
New rule: No more "biggest Dolphin site" threadsNathan Paton started 6 Jul 2014 · Nathan Paton replied 6 Jul 2014It seems every time there's a thread about this, it devolves into a mud slinging contest. So until further notice, expect the...
Move Permanent Dolphin licence to UNAousia2 started 14 Nov 2018 · Andrew Boon replied 15h agoDear support:                    How can move my permanent Dolphin licence to UNA?
Does anyone have any GDPR solutions? mika_p started 2 Jun 2018 · johnk42 replied 20h agoDoes anyone have any GDPR solutions?  Is no one else worried about this?? 
Error on Join.php checkAction() fatal error. Unknomyhuntprofile started 1 Dec 2018 · modzzz replied 8d agoAfter going through the join process as a new user, once complete I am sent to a blank page with the error message ch...
Andrew Boon; A proposition was madegeek_girl started 14d ago · adultdate replied 10d agoAndrew Boon, a proposition was made in regard to upgrading Dolphin Pro to be compatible with PHP 7. 
Support for Zarconia Customersserskine started 13d ago · IgorL replied 12d agoJust a heads up for those of us hosting sites with Zarconia.  Boonex have taken over the support of our sites but don't hold ...
MODZZZ WHERE ARE YOU????mlbs started 30 Nov 2018 · johnk42 replied 12d agoModzzz where are you  I have been trying to get my custom work completed  for over 5 months now ?? why will you not reply to ...
Try UNA... it's better than Dolphin. - part 2Autopilot started 24 Nov 2018 · geek_girl replied 30 Nov 2018← T...
phpSocialjohnk42 started 26 Nov 2018 · johnk42 replied 27 Nov 2018I came across this tonight: It has Dolphin written al...
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