Is there a Login Counter available?johnk42 started 3 Mar 2018 · johnk42 replied 7 Mar 2018The stats in the dashboard are quite good, as are the site stats on the home page, but they don't show the number of members ...
Fontskdr2000 started 4 Mar 2018 · geek_girl replied 4 Mar 2018Hello How can i change other languages fonts? Thank you
D7.3 problem upload video when swithed on SSLmoby10 started 21 Feb 2018 · LeonidS replied 28 Feb 2018  Hello to all and developer team   i switched My D7.3.0 from http to https and now have problem with up...
Embed adult video on video modulemoby10 started 25 Feb 2018 · geek_girl replied 25 Feb 2018Hi   i need help, how upload embed code on video module?   i have advanced embed video from Rayz ...
because the videos does not appear in chrome browssidclel started 21 Feb 2018 · sidclel replied 21 Feb 2018because the videos does not appear in chrome browser anymore it appears in Mozilla Firefox
Moduleskdr2000 started 19 Feb 2018 · LeonidS replied 21 Feb 2018Hello I have couples of modules that shows in uninstalled modules, but actually they are installed? How can i r...
Page creation in different Languagekdr2000 started 19 Feb 2018 · kdr2000 replied 20 Feb 2018Hello How can i create a page in different Languages like about us Page? Thank you
search by how addpavlospesos started 16 Feb 2018 · johnk42 replied 19 Feb 2018hello, I need to add ...
7.3.4Vashan started 19 Feb 2018 · geek_girl replied 19 Feb 2018Hi if anyone can tell me what is the difference of the previous dolphin and 7.3.4?
FTP repairpavlospesos started 11 Feb 2018 · pavlospesos replied 16 Feb 2018Why did not you fix the FTP ...
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