Video uploads stuck in pending and failing

I am having two issues here


1: I have an issue with the Video uploads stuck in pending and not moving to processing and I think it has something to do with the cron not set right but not sure.I was able to rename the .htaccess file a few times and run the cron in the browser and get the video to process but now that doesnt even work.

2. When I try to upload a file bigger than 100mb it just wont even upload and fails. I raised all limits in php and in script but still does it.

Quote · 26 Feb 2022

The video not processing is probably the cron job not running properly.

Besides file upload size set in php, there is also a limit on size in the admin panel for videos; go to videos and click on settings.  The other may be a limit on the browser max body size.

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Quote · 26 Feb 2022

Got the cron running right and now videos process but still cant get the script to accept uploads bigger than 100mb. We enabled gzip on server and tries everything including size limits in php and admin panel.


Here is the php settings This is just a test site as we have Bonnex on another server and domain that is doing the same thing.


Note that in firefox the video progress bar just shoots to the end when uploading files over 100mb and you cant click submit but in chrome it shows upload progress slowly like it worked but either shows a error below the progress bar thats says "File upload failed" when it finishes or you just cant hit the submit button.


Any ideas?

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"File upload failed"

Yes, make sure that ffmpeg has the proper permissions to run.

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Where do I check that and ffmpeg is working because files under 100mb upload and process fine.

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