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RULESAlexT started 8 Jan 2010 · AlexT replied 8 Jan 2010This forum is for bug reports only. Post here if you definitely sure that it is a bug and must be fi...
Bug in Splashjohnk42 started 5d ago · geek_girl replied 4d agoI thought this was a problem with our site settings, but moving over to another server, the problem persisted. I just visited...
Video not playingtirlosu started 11d ago · tirlosu replied 4d agoAfter uploading the video and processing it, it does not play, and freezes the image. How can I fix this?  ...
Category link doesn't workzavus started 11d ago · zavus replied 11d ago
Astrology Matchpepepaco started 27 May 2019 · modzzz replied 28 May 2019Some time ago I bought the Astrology Match module, but the installation gave me problems, I thought that updating could have ...
Date format issue in Dolphin. How to fix it?DigitZup started 17 Apr 2019 · AlexT replied 21 Apr 2019Hello, There is a very known and weird issue in Dolphin that has been discussed since 2009. Till now, there is no solu...
Language problem with reCAPTCHA 2DigitZup started 10 Apr 2019 · DigitZup replied 18 Apr 2019Hello, I am usi...
Join Form issue in Microsoft Edge & Opera BrowserDigitZup started 23 Mar 2019 · gary11 replied 1 Apr 2019Hello, The Join form is not working (loading) in Microsoft Edge and Opera Browser, both Computer and mobile broswers. ...
Licenses code is not working anymoreerojetset started 28 Mar 2019 · geek_girl replied 30 Mar 2019I have reinstalled Dolphin.Pro 7.4. Now my Licenses no longer works. I have 4 licenses but no works.
Conflicting license headers in some dolphin files.deano92964 started 21 Mar 2019 · johnk42 replied 24 Mar 2019Seems some of the files in dolphin have conflicting license headers that don't agree with the terms of the CC-BY License.
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