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The above is generated to cripple a Dolphin site if the Boonex Footer is not in place.  It is part of the old code before Boonex changed how the attrition is generated.  That is all fine and well except it SHOULD NOT be triggered if the site has a valid license.  Before generating the above message, it should check to see if the license is valid and if so, it should skip the Boonex Footer requirement.  This is a valid gripe and I have presented it several times.  However, Boonex continues to ignore this.  It only requires patching one file but then the three or four bugs in Dolphin 7.4.2 are simple and they have not been fixed either even though Deano has already supply the code.

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Quote · 24 May 2022

Hello geek_girl!


This way uses the simplest check before the license's referring every time. And usually, there are not many cases where it needs to remove the footer, I guess.

Quote · 24 May 2022

It would be kind of Boonex to fix the few bugs in Dolphin before they completely kill it.  I still perform Dolphin upgrades and I have to go in and fix the bugs manually.  Deano has already supplied the fixes, it is just Boonex including them and releasing a final update.  Sort of a goodwill gesture for all of the Dolphin users that supported Boonex all these years; and some still do with UNA.

It would be nice to fix the footer code; I could do it but I have to go into all of that base64 encryption; Would Boonex supply me with an unencrypted script so I could fix it?

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Quote · 27 May 2022
Below is the legacy version of the Boonex site, maintained for Dolphin.Pro 7.x support.
The new Dolphin solution is powered by UNA Community Management System.