Member Menu Bar Builder Non-functional

Dolphin 7.4.2

The member menu bar builder is non-functional.  You can't drag a new item into place or rearrange any of the items.  You can click on an active item and get the properties of that item.

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Quote · 9 Oct 2021

Hello geek_girl!


From my side it affects the items movement in the builder. See the attached screenshots.

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Quote · 11 Oct 2021

Thanks for the reply.  I played around with this and found that the cursor is changing to the grab icon on areas of the item that doesn't allow you to grab and drag.  I run Linux Mint and I did upgrade the browser to the latest Linux version.  My guess is that it is related to the javascript interpreter.  You have to make sure you are over the cross arrows to the left of the text when you click and drag.  I also tested this on a Windows 7 box with the latest FireFox browser and the same happens there; the cursor will change over areas of the item that does not allow click and drag.  This action in the navigation menu builder is a little different than the page builders; in the page builders you can click and drag to the right of the text; that was the source of my confusion when I went to the navigation builder; the cursor changes when it shouldn't.  Not a big deal and now that I know I can work on the navigation menus.

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Quote · 11 Oct 2021

The issue with the different cursors on the cross in one case and the hand in another, is connected that the second link in the "parent builder" is responsible for the name's edit. But in member menu for default set this possibility is closed.

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