Page Auto reload on "Something Went Wrong"

Hi Please Tell Me how to make pages auto reload on something went wrong error on dolphin 7.2. Because the solution of this problem is reloading

Quote · 2 Oct 2021

Something went wrong means there is a database or php error.  You can go into the /inc/ file and turn on full error reporting; you may still need to look at the error logs for your server.

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So please tell me how to turn on error reporting.

I am on infinityfree. How can I take server log

Quote · 3 Oct 2021

Look in /inc/

Find $site['fullError']         = false;

change to:

$site['fullError']         = true;

also look in your /tmp folder under the Dolphin site and look at the error.log there.

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You can't auto reload on errors.

Are you using one of their free hosting accounts? Did you install dolphin using softaculous?

If so, your site is most likely tripping their database connection limit. The error.log file in your sites tmp folder would show that.

If that is the issue, then there is no way around that problem. Infinityfree's free hosting accounts will not run Dolphin properly without constant site errors.
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